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Colleges unite under the Campus Flemingsberg name

Now all universities and colleges in Flemingsberg have unified under the Campus Flemingsberg name. The name represents a high degree of co-operation to drive the development of the area and its international ambitions. Karolinska Institutet [...]

Students’ voice strengthened in Flemingsberg

The Flemingsberg Union of Students has grown with the addition of the Swedish Red Cross University College. The organisation is now made up of five student unions that pool their strengths to work for a [...]

CoLab Flemingsberg gives Lukas’ idea flying start

When Lukas Selman, a Södertörn University student, had an idea for a new solution for emergency services, CoLab Flemingsberg put him in contact with a potential development partner. The idea came to Lukas when he [...]

Closer co-operation between SH and RKH kicks off with a shared library

In November, the chancellors of Södertörn University (SH) and the Swedish Red Cross University College (RKH) signalled a new period of closer co-operation between the two universities. The initiative includes research and education programmes, and [...]

Södertörn University leads the way towards the Stockholm of the future

How do we create a better Stockholm for all with smarter town planning? The answer is set to emerge from one of Södertörn University’s largest ever research projects. With a budget of SEK 32 million, [...]

CoLab – meeting place for innovative students

CoLab Flemingsberg is an inspiring meeting place for innovative students. It offers expertise, personal advice and inspiration. ”CoLab is like the little sister of Openlab, where we focus on undergraduate-level students,” says Aron Podavka of [...]

Unique medical technology combination awards doctoral candidates a degree from both KTH and KI

The first doctorate students have now been awarded degrees from the unique research and educational collaboration between KI and KTH. The collaboration lays the foundation for an important increase in skills within healthcare, thinks Birgitta [...]

Five questions for Gustav Amberg, vice-chancellor of Södertörn University

Hello Gustav Amberg. You took over as vice-chancellor of Södertörn University on July 1, 2016. How have your first few months been? “Fantastic and very enjoyable. I had been looking forward to going round and [...]

Newly inaugurated Technology and Health opens the door to new collaboration

The inauguration of Technology and Health showed how four strong institutions in the areas of technology, medicine and health in Flemingsberg are now connected by the new building. Among the inaugural speakers was Helene Hellmark [...]

Södertörn University celebrates 20 years with an entire year of jubilee celebrations

Södertörn University is celebrating 20 years of education, research and collaboration. Throughout its history, the university has represented innovative ideas in terms of research, education and the message it conveys to the rest of the [...]


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